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Free Shipping on USA orders over $69


Our Story 

As I applied her makeup, tears started to roll down her eyes. “I know exactly what I want, I dream about starting a fashion brand every day, but I just don’t know when and how to start, she said. I am afraid to fail and I don’t want my friends and family to say I told you so.”

Sensing her pain, I encouraged her to have faith and believe that if she had enough passion and determination, she could achieve her dream. She vowed she would one day. 

See, I too was in her shoes only a few years ago. I was working a 9-to-5 job I didn’t love and every day that I stepped through those cold glass doors of the office building, I felt disappointed because I knew I was meant for something different, something greater. 

Maybe you’ve been there? Have you ever felt like you had a calling but were fearful to get started? I encourage you to start now. You’re more capable and powerful beyond your wildest dreams. Eventually, over the years of creating bold looks for this customer, she told me one day, “I did it, I quit my 9-to-5, I’ve purchased my materials to create my fall collection. Those regular makeup sessions turned into empowering sessions… that is when I truly saw the power of makeup. I thought to myself, if one session of makeup could give them that extra bit of confidence they needed to pursue their God-given talent, could I create a makeup brand, a community for women to not only create bold looks but bold lives? 

This is how Omolewa Cosmetics was born - Omolewa Cosmetics is a bold and elegant makeup line with staying power for go-getter women of color who want  a red-carpet ready look for the every day. 

Omolewa, my middle name, means a ‘Beautiful Child’ in Yoruba, a Nigerian language. Today, I want to share this name with you—the powerful woman you see in front of the mirror that is beautiful inside and out. You are enough and everything you need to take that leap of faith and achieve your dreams.  

Working with celebrities like Jackie Appiah and Adunni Ade has inspired me to expand my makeup line to suit the various shades and tone ranges of all women and bring that red carpet ready makeup to the everyday woman who wants to live her boldest, most badass life. Our products are highly pigmented and long lasting. We are now Cruelty Free, Paraben Free, Sulfate Free, Non Toxic, and mostly Vegan 
Omolewa [Or-More-Lay-Wa] means 'beautiful child' in the Yoruba language. Discover the beauty in you
Omolewa Cosmetics is a USA based Color Cosmetics Brand inspired by West African Roots! 
Our Mission Statement  
We’re on a mission to empower women of color to follow their dreams. We believe 
that women should feel confident enough to be true to themselves and be in 
control of their own destiny regardless of what others think. We encourage you to 
live a bold life in a bold look.  
"Elevating your Life and Your Look from Basic to Bold  "
We are Cruelty Free! All of our products are Safe and Non Toxic. In the Spring of 2018, we reformulated All of our products to be Paraben Free, Sulfate Free, Gluten Free and mostly Vegan Friendly