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Lady Boss Gloss

Lady Boss Gloss (Omolewa X DunnieO) - 10 shades of Stunning, Sexy and Significant lip glosses that promote empowerment and liberation without ever asking you to apologize for your success.


Features and Benefits

The diverse collection consists of five luxurious high-shine tones + five sparkling-hues of iridescent sheen to ensure you’re covered no matter what mood you’re in that day because at Omolewa we don’t put you in a box, we appreciate your ability to be everything you know you are. These glamorous glosses take you from the boardroom to date night without feeling sticky on the lips because after 2 years of intense research, we’ve developed a product that is

* Cruelty Free * Paraben Free * Vegan Friendly * Non-Toxic


Artistry Pro Tip

Whether if you’re desiring a 3D look by combining glosses or something to collaborate with your already fave lipstick, Omolewa’s Lady Boss Glosses are the perfect product for the rising professional that owns their success.


We at Omolewa know you have an on-purpose lifestyle and do not waste time with products that don’t live up to your high standards – that is why together we work! Mediocrity is never an option because our rich, ultra-smooth formula immediately shows the world “Hey, look at me – I’ve got something to say…and you’re going to want to listen” – BOOM! 



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