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FREE SHIPPING on US orders over $65

Building My Empire Daily Brush Sets

Daily Brush Sets

Handmade basic-brushes for professional quality makeup application.

Experience the most popular styles of professional brushes without paying the expensive price. Our Brush Set brushes are handmade to ensure each brush is created with detailed attention so you know each morning you can use them with confidence

Set Includes:

Large Powder Brush 

Duo Fiber Brush 

Large Blush Brush 

Foundation Brush

Large Shadow Brush 

Medium shadow  Brush

Tapered Blending Brush 

Pencil Blending Brush

Concealer Brush 

Medium Angle Shadow Brush 

Small Angle Brush 

Eyeliner Brush


Note: 15 PC Set includes the following

Lip brush

Large Tapped Blending Brush

Spoolie Brush


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