Famous Actress, Jackie Appiah, New Face of Omolewa

April 21, 2016

Famous Actress, Jackie Appiah, New Face of Omolewa

In April of last year, one of the biggest events in the makeup industry occurred! This event was hosted by none other than Irene Dele-Adejumo. Irene is the owner of Omolewa Cosmetics which is a makeup brand that has been shown to be favored by many.

Irene had built her company through hard work and dedication from her love of makeup. Her event even showcased a special individual who came to show their support for Omolewa. That special guest was Jackie Appiah, a Ghanaian actress and ambassador for the company Omolewa.

Along with the special guest, there was a beautiful ballroom at which the event took place in and many equally amazing individuals showed up, as well. If you would like to know what Jackie Appiah had to say about Omolewa, who showed up, or most importantly Irene Dele-Adejumo’s story of how the company came to be, click on the link below!

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