Tips for Sexy Eyes this Fall

Aug 11 2016

The Omolewa Feature of the Month for July is eyes! In celebration Omolewa will be discounting one eye product per week, from Tuesday through Sunday this month. Here, as always, to keep you up to date on the latest cosmetic fashions, are Omolewa’s Tips for Sexy Eyes this July.


Start with the basics

There are a few essential tools that every Omolewa should have in her arsenal: Ultra Volume Mascara with Lash Extending Fibers, Eye & Lip Primer, and Ultimate Brow Gel.


Eye and Lip Primer

Ultra Volume Mascara with Lash Extending Fiber

Ultimate Brow Gel

Mascara, the most basic of eye makeup products, can help define, simplify, dramatize, and improve any makeup look. Omolewa recommends our Ultra Volume Mascara with Lash Extending Fibers which comes in black, blue, green, and brown. Unlike many of our competitors’, our mascara doesn’t simply color your lashes, but helps them look thicker and longer, giving you the cute, flirty lashes you’ve been looking for. However, each mascara color imparts a different look and style to to the eye. gives a brief run-down on the different types of mascaras and colors. Always a trusted go to, black mascara suits any eye shape, skin tone, eye shadow, or age. According to Beautylish, “It’s the most basic and popular lash product, so keeping the perfect black mascara in your arsenal is a no-brainer… Adding in a bit of black can bulk up most lashes and still look natural.” If black is your thing, try Omolewa’s Ultra Volume Mascara in black to give your lashes that classic charcoal-black look. However, there are many mascara colors besides black, all of which have different uses and looks. For example, brown mascara, which Beautylish calls, “the forgotten stepchild”, and is an excellent color for blondes or fair-haired ladies. Omolewa recommends pairing the brown Ultra Volume Mascara with black to amplify the length of the top lash. Simply put the black mascara on the top lash and brown on the bottom. If you’re feeling a bit more adventurous, try blue or green Ultra Volume Mascara. Beautylish reports that, “Subtle, soft blues are a great option for fairer skin tones, where black might be too intense. Try focusing deeper blue shades at the root and watch how quickly it brightens up the eye. Electric, bright blues can make a strong statement and make any makeup look more modern.” Green mascara is a good choice to emphasize brown eyes or bring out the violet tones in blue eyes. Green can also be used to make a bold makeup statement by pairing it with a red lip stick (like Geranium or Matador Red) or red lip creme (try Scandalous) which creates a stunning contrast as the two colors complement each other.

Omolewa Mascara in black

Omolewa Mascara in brown

Omolewa Mascara in blue

Omolewa Mascara in green

Omolewa recommends using our Eye & Lip Primer before applying eye shadow to help amplify the shadow and to create a smooth, even colored surface to apply the eye shadow to. The Primer is also waterproof which helps prevent creasing along the eye as you wear your eye shadow throughout the day and helps the color last longer. The Ultimate Brow Gel is unlike any other brow product you’ll see on the market today. The clear gel helps smooth, define, and enhance the brow without applying additional color to the brow, which prevents the brow from having that dreaded “overdone” look.

Picking the right shading technique for your eye

Now that you have the basic tools to get started, it’s time to pick the right shading technique for your eye shape. Omolewa’s Pro Pigment Palette contains 120 different eye shadows in various colors, shades, and types allowing you to create an infinite number of eye makeup looks for any eye shape. For almond eyes, Redbook recommends a smoky eye. To create a smoky eye, use a mix of medium and dark bronze shadows or violet and dark purples. Apply the medium shade to the eye lid, then line around the top and bottom lashes, the outer corners, and creases of your eye with the dark shade and blend.

An example of a smokey eye
An example of a smokey eye

For those with hooded lids (a common occurrence with aging) pat a small amount of Omolewa Camouflage Cover Creme on eye lids then at a matte eye shadow a shade lighter than your skin tone on lids. A hooded lid naturally creates a shadow effect on the eye and it’s important not to overuse eye shadow on hooded lids in order to prevent the lids from looking heavy

An example of a hooded eye with a dusky blue shadow
An example of a hooded eye with a dusky blue shadow

For round eyes use a soft, light color like a pastel pink or a light brown. Apply shadow around the lid of your eye, up to but not in, the crease. Avoid dark colors which can make round eyes look hollowed.

G-day Photos: Tola & Tosin &emdash; GDP_2764
G-day Photos: Tola & Tosin &emdash; GDP_2766Examples of a bright pink shadow on a rounded eye

For Asian eyes, or eyes with smaller lids, try an ombre effect. Apply darkest color to around the top lash line, then put the medium color along the crease, and blend the lightest shade from your crease up to the base of the brows. Make sure to blend all the shades when you’re done applying.

An example of ombre eyes
An example of ombre eyes

For dark-colored or red lids apply a small dab of Cover Creme on the lids before applying shadow to brighten the eye, then use a shimmer shade that’s not too pale to further brighten the eye.

G-day Photos: March 2014 &emdash;
An example of a shimmery shadow which brightens the eye

Tell us how you’re going to wear Omolewa eye products this summer! Like this post? Please leave a reply below or email us at with your questions, comments, and concerns. We’d love to hear from you! Please subscribe to our mailing list! Have an awesome day Omolewas!

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